July 11th, 2012

LJ tokens wanted to help flood victims

Dear all,

As you may have heard, the Krasnodar region, in southern Russia, got severely flash-flooded on July 7. Over 170 people got killed, with hundreds more injured, and many thousands lost their homes or sustained severe damage to them. You can see the photos and video HERE and read more about it in this article from Reuters and this article from The Washington Post

It is better to do at least something, rather than to do nothing. ljpromo, which promotes top posts in the Russian-language part of LJ, decided to do something about it. They opened a separate LJ account--ljfund--for collecting money to help the people in that region via LJ tokens.

So, if you have some LJ tokens to spare--please consider gifting them to ljfund using this form; every little bit helps!

Why collect money in LJ tokens? Well, first of all,  practically everybody on LJ is familiar with the LJ tokens; and second, several other people are already collecting money via Yandex money and bank transfers.

The separate account ljfund was opened for easier tracking of the tokens and also so that it could easily be checked by others.  After the tokens are collected, they will be changed to actual money and the money will be sent to help those in the area or used to buy supplies for them; details are being actively worked out at this point.

Please donate tokens if you can and repost this if you can; let's spread the word.

P.S. EDIT (7/11, 12.30 am): more than 75,000 tokens ($750) have been collected during the first day of this effort and the money has been sent via Yandex money to a group coordinating the volunteer help efforts in Krasnodar.</div>

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Отчет о расходах

Отчитаюсь немного, родные мои.
Аккаунт ljfund был создан чуть больше суток назад специально для сбора жетонов ЖЖ для пострадавших от наводнения на Кубани. Вот основная запись о сборе, которую я периодически обновляю.
Всего нам удалось собрать 137958 жетонов
На данный момент прием жетонов закончен.
10200 руб отправили координаторам волонтеров в Краснодаре
Также сегодня удалось пообщаться с doctor_liza и отправить посылку с ее к сожалению, последним обозом. Купили то, что было в ее списке и что успели найти.
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Огромное спасибо всем.